Combination Permeameters

2.5in Combination Permeameter
2.5in Combination Permeameter
Model: HM-891
Price: $490.00
3in Combination Permeameter
3in Combination Permeameter
Model: HM-892
Price: $490.00
4.5in Combination Permeameter
4.5in Combination Permeameter
Model: HM-893
Price: $635.00
6in Combination Permeameter
6in Combination Permeameter
Model: HM-894
Price: $870.00
9in Combination Permeameter
9in Combination Permeameter
Model: HM-895
Price: $1,109.50

Combination Permeameters are more economical and allow granular samples to be tested by either the constant-head or falling-head methods, but do not strictly meet ASTM and AASHTO requirements. Construction and chamber sizes are similar to the ASTM/AASHTO Permeameters, but they are not equipped with sidewall manometer ports. Constant-head reservoir, scale, manometers and all necessary tubing are included.

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