Cleveland Flash Tester

Cleveland Flash Tester (115V / 60Hz)

Cleveland Flash Tester (115V / 60Hz)

Model: PT-6A
Price: $1,210.00
Cleveland Flash Tester (230V / 50Hz)

Cleveland Flash Tester (230V / 50Hz)

Model: PT-6AF
Price: $1,210.00

The PT-6A Cleveland Flash Point Tester is used in the Cleveland Open Cup method to measure flash and fire points for petroleum products igniting above 175°F (79°C). The variable control 10A, 1250W nickel-chromium heater assures accurate rate-of-rise temperature settings. The pivoting test-flame burner requires a separate gas supply. The thermometer positioning bracket is adjustable and can be raised for clearance to remove and install the cup. A rugged stainless steel housing with cooling vents encloses the heater and the open flash cup rests on an insulated platform. The MA-212C ASTM 11C Thermometer is required and ordered separately.


  • Used to measure flash and fire points in the Cleveland Open Cup method
  • Meets ASTM D92 and AASHTO T 48 requirements
  • Variable 1250W electric heater accurately controls temperatures
  • Insulated platform reduces heat loss
  • Cleveland Flash Point Tester (115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz) 
    • Electric Heater with rheostat
    • Thermometer positioning bracket
    • Pivoting test-flame burner
    • Flash cup


Flash Point Above 175°F (79°C)
Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lbs (9.07kg)

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Flash Point Above 175°F (79°C)
Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lbs (9.07kg)
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