Flash Point Testers

Flash Point Testers measure and determine the lowest point at which a test sample’s temperature and vapor pressure become ignitable in air. A sample is placed inside the test cup and heated at a precise rate. A test flame is then passed across the cup to determine the lowest temperature at which the vapor will ignite.


Cleveland Flash Tester

Cleveland Flash Tester

Starting at $1,370.00
Models: PT-6A, PT-6AF
Tag Open Cup Flash Tester

Tag Open Cup Flash Tester

Starting at $4,170.00
Models: PT-8, PT-8F
Flash Point Testers

Gilson's Flash Point Testers are available using the Open Cup
Flash Point Test Method.

These types of Open cup flash point apparatus can be used to determine the safe mixing and application temperature values of an asphalt binder.

  • Cleveland Flash Tester utilizes the Cleveland Open Cup Method of determining the flashpoint of asphalt binder between 175°F (79°C) and 752°F (400 °C), following ASTM D92 and AASHTO T 48 standards. The electrically heated unit features a rheostat control and adjustable thermometer holder.
  • Tag Open Cup Tester with variable heat control determines flashpoints of cutback asphalts with temperatures less than 200°F (93°C). This unit meets AASHTO T 79, and ASTM D1310, and ASTM D3143 test standards.

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