Triaxial Cells

Gilson Triaxial Test Cells provide optimum performance with Load Frames and Master or Auxiliary Control Panels from Gilson or with systems from other manufacturers. Triaxial Test Cells can test a range of sample sizes, when equipped with Triaxial Test Cell Kits for specific specimen sizes. Kits are available separately.

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Models: HMA-517, HMA-517S
Models: HMA-518, HMA-518S
Models: HMA-519, HMA-519S
  • Triaxial Cell, 1.4 to 3in dia. Specimens for testing soil samples from 1.4in (35.6mm) to 3in (76.2mm) diameter.
  • Triaxial Cell, 1.4 to 4in dia. Specimens for soil samples from 1.4in (35.6mm) to 4.0in (101.6mm) diameter.
  • Triaxial Cell, for 6in dia. Specimens used with 6.0in (152.4mm) diameter soil samples.