Proceq GS8000 Subsurface Ground Penetrating Radar

Model: CT-180R
Price: $21,485.00

Proceq’s GS8000 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) unit is an ideal solution for larger-scale subsurface applications like underground utility location and mapping, geophysical investigations, infrastructure asset inspection, and forensic and archeological studies. The walk-behind cart is well-suited for scans of pavements, bridge decks, concrete slabs, and “off-road” terrain. Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave (SFCW) technology sweeps over an ultra-wide 0.2–3.4GHz bandwidth, balancing signal penetration depth and object resolution in one antenna without the compromises of signal frequency pulsed-radar systems.

GPR data scanned at speeds of up to 22mph (35kmh) is displayed on the fly in real time. The maximum penetration depth is 33ft (10m). In average soil conditions, penetration is approximately 12ft (3.7m). A 0.4in (10mm) metallic object can be detected at up to 300mm (12in) deep. Specifications apply to GPR devices sold in North America.

An encrypted Wi-Fi connection to the user’s Apple iPad® provides the ideal platform to view, connect, and distribute results. The included GS8000 Pro software leverages the iPad’s powerful post-processing capacity, high visual resolution, and reporting to collaboration features. Instantly upload scan data, graphics, and report information to the cloud from any location for immediate sharing with stakeholders everywhere. The subscription-based software provides free updates and releases.

Data is displayed in real-time during a scan. Raw scan data is migrated to display realistic 2D or 3D images, and with Apple’s ARKit™, augmented reality (AR) images can be overlaid on real-world views through the iPad. Real-time, in-situ images of subsurface elements do not require extensive interpretation by experts.

Separating the data processing and display hardware and software from the sensing unit helps to future-proof the system and ensure upgradeable performance for years to come. Any iPad or iPad Pro unit can be used. The iPad Pro® Wi-Fi + Cellular model with 1TB storage capacity and iPadOS 13 or later is recommended.

An onboard multi-band Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) antenna provides accurate positioning and receives signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou system satellites. With an active internet connection, State Space Representation (SSR) augmentation further refines geolocation data and records it automatically with corrected precision of 0.5–2in (1– 5cm). Tags, marks, photos, notes, and voice note observations with precise locations are added to the report data during scanning.

The completely wireless system is fully integrated with a collapsible and ergonomically adjustable rolling cart that easily rolls over varied terrain. The antenna quickly changes from ground-coupled, dual-axis floating alignment to air gap positioning with 1in (25mm) clearance. The maximum length for straight-line scans is 9.3mi (15km), and grid scans can be performed to a size of 260x260ft (80x80m).

Power is provided for a full working day by eight rechargeable flight-safe NiMH C-batteries (not included) in battery packs that can be hot-swapped or a user-supplied USB-PD compatible power bank.

GS8000 Subsurface GPR includes the GS8000 sensing unit with a two-year subscription to GPR Live Pro software, Wi-Fi Module, a GNSS geolocation antenna, and a collapsible push-pull cart. A power supply, AR marker, basic tools, and USB cables are also included.

Subsurface GPR Pro systems require a software subscription for full functionality. The Live Pro Software allows the ability to share images and data with your clients via URL, HTML, etc., 3-dimensional functionality, and augmented reality. A two-year subscription is included with CT-180R. Subsequent one-year subscription renewals can be purchased as CTA-61 and are required beginning two years from receiving and activating the GPR systems original subscription.


  • Push-pull cart with variable ground clearance is well-suited for multiple terrains
  • Reading depth up to 33ft (10m); approximately 12ft (3.7m) in average soil conditions
  • Real-time scanning at speeds of up to 22mph (35kmh)
  • Performs scans up to 9.3mi (15km) long or a 260x260ft (80x80m) grid
  • The onboard multiband GNSS antenna provides accurate positioning and receives signals from multiple system satellites
  • Apple iPad® display and data processing uploads to the cloud for instant collaboration and allows upgrades without replacing the scanning unit
  • Covers frequencies from 0.2 to 3.4GHz using SFCW technology
  • 2D, 3D, and Augmented Reality (AR) imagery
  • Encrypted Wi-Fi connection

Included Items:

  • GS8000 Subsurface GPR
  • Two-year subscription to GS8000 Live Pro software
  • Wi-Fi module
  • GNSS geolocation antenna
  • Collapsible push-pull cart
  • Fiber carbon pole
  • Power supply
  • AR marker
  • USB cables and basic tools


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