GPR Concrete Scanning Equipment

Proceq’s Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) devices are wireless and ideal for detecting the position and orientation of objects embedded in concrete structures, bridges, pavements, slabs, and overlays. Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete utilizes Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave (SFCW) technology to scan low to high frequencies to render subsurface imagery. GPR concrete scanner technology results in accurate and detailed data that allow the user to locate rebar and complete structural investigations, as-built verifications, thickness detections, and other assessments.


Proceq GP8000 Ground Penetrating Radar
Models: CT-151, CT-153R, CT-155R
Proceq GP8800 Ground Penetrating Radar
Models: CT-154R, CT-156R

The GP8000 and GP8800 Series devices are handheld, and the GS8000 Series devices are equipped with a rolling cart. Proceq’s GPR software is compatible with Apple® iPadOS operating system.

  • GPR Live GP8000 Series are housed in a four-wheel scan car with 8mm of ground clearance. The unit can perform scans in straight lines up to 3,281ft (1,000m) long, or in defined areas up to 13x13ft (4x4m). Available in Live Basic, Live Pro, and Live Pro Full Package options. The Live Pro option includes the Live Wire Kit to detect live electrical lines, time-slice function for adjustable surface depth and onsite 3D viewing, and cloud connectivity for live data sharing and reporting. The Full Package option includes an on-device iPad® holder with adjustable screen viewing positions and an ultralight telescopic rod with an iPad holder.
  • GPR Live GP8800 Series scan in tighter spaces and on curved surfaces. The exclusive wireless tracking wheel can be adjusted between trailing and sidecar configurations for scanning flexibility and cross-polarized scanning abilities. These units have the ability to complete scans up to 3,281ft (1,000m) long but are better suited for shorter line scans or scanning defined areas up to 47.2x47.2in (120x120cm). For scanning in very narrow areas, the battery pack can be removed from the unit and tethered to it with a USB-C cable. Available in Live Pro and Live Pro Full Package options. The full package option includes a telescopic rod with an iPad holder in addition to the unit and software.
  • Subsurface GPR GS8000 is an ideal solution for larger-scale subsurface applications. The unit is attached to a rolling cart that is well-suited for a variety of scan environments. Data can be scanned at up to 22mph (35kph), and scans can reach depths of 33ft (10m). These units can perform straight line scans up to 9.3mi (15km) in length, or grid scans up to 260x260ft (80x80m) in size. They are supplied with a one-year subscription to the GS8000 Pro software, Wi-Fi Module, a GNSS geolocation antenna, and a collapsible push-pull cart.

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