1,000ml Plastic Graduated Cylinder

Model: GW-46
Price: $46.50

GW-46 1,000ml Plastic Graduated Cylinder is made of quality polymethylpentene (PMP). PMP is transparent, rigid, impact-resistant and handles temperatures up to 135°C. The cylinder has a stable base, pour-out top and molded-in graduations every 10.0ml. Package of one. Not recommended for use with chlorinated solvents or strong oxidizing agents.

Explore our selection of Plastic Graduated Cylinders available in 10 to 2,000ml capacities – and view the video on Gilson Graduated Cylinders to learn more.


  • Pour top
  • Molded graduations
  • Impact resistant PMP

Included Items:

  • 1,000ml Plastic Graduated Cylinder
Graduated Capacity 1,000ml
Graduations 10.0ml
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.5lbs (0.23kg)

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Graduated Capacity 1,000ml
Graduations 10.0ml
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.5lbs (0.23kg)
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