Graduated Cylinders

Graduated Cylinders are available in glass or plastic. Our variety of sizes can meet all your laboratory needs. Available in sizes ranging from 10ml to 2,000ml. Single-scale graduations from 0.2 to 20ml etched on the cylinders allow precise measurement of liquids. Cylinders are roll-resistant and reusable.


  • Glass Graduated Cylinders are made of durable borosilicate glass, have large, stable bases that are resistant to rolling. These acid-resistant cylinders are etched with single scale graduations on the cylinder. The cylinders offer wide rims and tapered pour spouts to ensure ease of filling and pouring.
  • Plastic Graduated Cylinders are made of quality polymethypentene (PMP), greatly reduces breakage and safety issues in the lab, and can withstand repeated autoclaving procedures. With single scale graduations etched on the body, these cylinders offer accurate measurement of liquids. Their wide, roll-resistant bases keep them steady while they are filled, and their wide rims and tapered pour spouts offer ease of pouring.