Porta-Screen® ISO Screen Trays

Gilson Porta-Screen® ISO Tray opening sizes range from 50.0mm to 38µm in ISO 565, 3310-1 Compliance Grade cloth. All trays use stainless steel cloth, and all have a 14in (356mm) square screen area, include a certificate of conformance, and are serial numbered.


ISO Porta-Screen® Trays
Trays Qty Tray Verification
80µm Porta-Screen Tray Cloth Only 80µm Porta-Screen Tray Cloth Only
Model: PSA-328 80U
Price: $202.00
90µm Porta-Screen Tray Cloth Only 90µm Porta-Screen Tray Cloth Only
Model: PSA-328 90U
Price: $202.00
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Trays from 1.18mm to 180µm have ribs to support the cloth and prevent sagging. No.4 stainless steel Backing Cloth is used instead of ribs in trays with cloth finer than 180µm. Backing Cloth is recommended as an option for other fine screen trays to decrease wear and distortion of the main cloth. Replacement Cloth sections in all ISO sizes and Blank Trays can be ordered instead of purchasing complete trays. Porta-Screen Cloth Only is 15x15in (381x381mm). The Porta-Screen Tray Holding Rack organizes screens for storage.

Optional Verification of opening sizes upgrades Porta-Screen Trays from a confidence level of 66% standard deviation at ISO Compliance Grade to 99.0% for Inspection, and 99.73% for Calibration Grades. To specify Inspection or Calibration Verification Services, please select from the Tray Verification drop-down menu. Screen trays fitted with Backing Cloth cannot be verified.

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