Fungilab Rotational Viscometers

Fungilab Rotational Viscometers provide rapid, reproducible, high-temperature viscosity measurements. Asphalt binder products are characterized and temperature/viscosity charts developed to estimate mixing and compaction temperatures in hot-mix design. The torque required to rotate a spindle immersed in the specimen is measured and yields a dynamic viscosity value.
Fungilab EVO Expert Rotational Viscometer
Model: LP-35Currently Unavailable
Fungilab V-Pad Rotational Viscometer
Model: LP-37Currently Unavailable
Thermosphere Set
Model: Currently Unavailable
  • EVO Expert Rotational Viscometer features a 4.5in touchscreen and includes software to create user-defined flow curves and customized experiment reports.
  • V-PAD Rotational Viscometer is remotely controlled by an 8-inch tablet and stores all test parameters and measured values in a comprehensive database for detailed analysis.
  • Thermosphere Set is required for compliance with ASTM D4402 and AASHTO T 316 for use with the Fungilab Rotational Viscometers. The included precision-temperature controller provides stable temperatures up to 300°C for consistent, high-temperature viscosity measurements.