Field CBR Test Apparatus

The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) field test yields in–situ strength of soils and some base course materials. The field procedure uses a loading jack to force a piston into the soil, noting the piston load and depth of penetration. The jack is loaded against dead weights or a heavy piece of equipment such as a loaded dump truck. Gilson CBR equipment can be ordered as complete sets or separately as individual components.


CBR Field Equipment

Components of Gilson's Field CBR Equipment are ordered individually for tests performed according to ASTM or Army Corps of Engineers (C.O.E.) methods. Select an ASTM or C.O.E. Jack, English or metric Penetration Dial Gauge, Load Rings, and other components required. Additional surcharge masses may be needed to simulate large pavement loads.

  • CBR Field Test Sets include either the Two-Speed Field CBR Loading Jack or Three-Speed COE Field CBR Loading Jack with swivel base, along with Load Rings and Dial Gauges, Penetration Piston with Connector and Extension Sets, Surcharge Weights, Surcharge Plate, Support Bridge, and Dial Indicator.
  • CBR Field Components are the individual items listed above in the CBR Field Test Sets; each is also available separately.