5,000lbf Load Ring

Model: HM-427
Price: $650.00

HM-427 5,000lbf Load Ring is used in conducting California Bearing Ratio (CBR) testing, and is also designed for use with other soil testing applications. This high-strength aluminum alloy Load Ring is used for force measurements, with repeatable elastic deformation under varying loads. Loads are measured with an accuracy of ±0.5% using the included mechanical dial indicator with 0.0001in resolution. Measurements are plotted on the included calibration chart to derive force values. A selection of other Load Rings is available in capacities ranging from 250 to 10,00lbf.


  • Ideal for CBR and other laboratory soils testing
  • Accuracy to ±0.5%
  • Allows for convenient plotting of force values on included calibration chart

Included Items:

  • HM-427 5,000lbf Load Ring
  • Mechanical Dial Indicator with 0.0001in resolution
Load Capacity 5,000lbf
Estimated Shipping Weight 5.0lb (2.27kg)

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Load Capacity 5,000lbf
Estimated Shipping Weight 5.0lb (2.27kg)
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