Draw Rod for 400 / 500 Series Compression Machines

Model: MCA-55
Price: $550.00

MCA-55 Draw Rod safely and easily adjusts vertical working height of 400 and 500 series Concrete Compression Machines to test multiple sample sizes and types. The steel hand wheel with internal ball bearings raises and lowers a threaded rod to adjust height of platens, breaking heads and other accessories. Once at the desired height with proper spacers in place, the assembly is simply tightened up against the cross-head.


  • Safely and quickly adjusts working height to test different height samples
  • Threaded rod easily raises or lowers heavy platens

Included Items:

  • Draw Rod
Material Steel
Estimated Shipping Weight 46.0lb (20.87kg)

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Material Steel
Estimated Shipping Weight 46.0lb (20.87kg)