Concrete Sample Molds

Gilson Concrete Sample Molds are available in a range of shapes and sizes designed to meet specific needs and comply with many ASTM and AASHTO standards. The selection of Concrete Mold Accessories is designed to provide ease of removing, carrying, and transporting the concrete molds.


Sample Molds

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  • Concrete Cylinder Molds are available in four different specimen sizes of plastic, steel, or cast-iron materials, single-use or reusable – and each with unique features and properties to fit different applications.
  • Concrete Beam Molds for flexural strength specimens are made of steel or plastic and come with 4x4in or 6x6in (101x101mm or 152x152mm) cross-sections and in different lengths. They meet specific ASTM and AASHTO standards.
  • Concrete Cube Molds in steel or plastic versions can be used to form specimens for testing compressive strength or serve as sample containers for set-time testing.
  • Concrete Mold Accessories are designed for use in the lab or field, and allow for easy removal and transporting of the concrete cylinders.

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