Concrete Beam Molds

Concrete Beam Molds for molding concrete flexural strength specimens are available in several configurations. All are durable, reusable and easy to care for. Each meets ASTM and AASHTO standards, and molds beam specimens for center or third-point loading.


Steel Concrete Beam Molds, Hinge-Free
Models: HM-279, HM-281
Heavy-Duty 1-Piece Hinged Steel Concrete Beam Molds
Models: HM-280, HM-282, HM-284, HM-286
Heavy-Gauge Steel Beam Mold
Model: HM-287
One-Piece Plastic Beam Mold
Model: HM-288
  • Steel Concrete Beam Molds, Hinge-Free in 6x6x20 or 6x6x21in dimensions are lightweight, and assemble and disassemble quickly.
  • 1-Piece Hinged Steel Concrete Beam Molds feature four models with 6x6in cross-sections and varying lengths. All have side plates hinged to the base.
  • Plastic Interlocking Concrete Beam Mold is 6x6x21in, significantly lighter than the steel molds and features interlocking smooth, watertight inside surfaces.
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Beam Mold to form 4x4x14in specimens is rugged, offering years of use. Easily assembles and requires no tools.
  • One-Piece Plastic Beam Mold for 4x4x15in specimens has reinforcing ribs. Specimen removal is easily done by removing plug at bottom of mold and applying compressed air.