Concrete Cylinder Molds

Gilson's single-use and reusable concrete cylinder molds are used for forming concrete test cylinders. Our selection of molds ensures uniform, high-quality concrete test cylinders for various concrete curing and strength tests. Molds meet ASTM C470, C31, and C192, and AASHTO M 205, R 39, and T 23 test standards.


Plastic Concrete Cylinder Molds, Single-Use
Models: HM-151, HM-151D, HM-152, HM-152D, HM-153, HM-154
Steel Concrete Cylinder Molds
Models: HM-143, HM-142, HM-144
Cast-Iron Concrete Cylinder Molds
Models: HM-139, HM-149, HM-169
Concrete Cylinder Molds

Gilson's cylinder sample molds are constructed in various material types including plastic, steel, and cast iron. Molds are offered in four mold sizes 6x12in, 4x8in, 3x6in, and 2x4in (depending on material type).

The popular 6x12 concrete cylinder mold size is available in the single-use plastic, steel, and cast-iron material type. Our 4x8 concrete cylinder molds are available in single-use and reusable plastic, steel, cast-iron, and Polystyrene material. The smaller 3x6 and 2x4 mold sizes are sold in the single-use plastic material type.

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  • Plastic Concrete Cylinder Molds, Single-Use are constructive of a nonabsorptive, disposable, and biodegradable plastic. The molds become biodegradable in landfills or compost facilities thanks to a proprietary substance added during the manufacturing process.
    This type of mold has an unlimited shelf life in storage and is weather resistant. Reusable Plastic Lids are sold separately. Single-piece molds are available in 6x12in (152x305mm), 4x8in (102x203mm), 3x6in (76x152mm) or 2x4in (51x102mm) dimensions.
  • Steel Concrete Test Cylinder Molds are made from rust-resistant zinc-plated steel and stand up to rigorous laboratory or field use. Molds have a longitudinal split and a detachable base plate design. the split design allows for easy specimen removal and a leak-free seal. It opens easily to release the hardened concrete specimens with wing nuts.
    The heavy steel detachable base plate has a machined recess to hold the mold in position. Available in two sizes, 6x12in (152x305mm) with or without carrying handles or 4x8in (102x203mm).
  • Cast-Iron Concrete Cylinder Molds are heavy assemblies, built to last with reinforcing ribs to resist deformation. These rugged reusable molds have a long service life for demanding applications in harsh conditions.
    The molds are machined to precise tolerances and serial numbered. Available in 4x8in (101.6x203.2mm) and 6x12in (152.4x304.8mm) sizes.
  • Plastic Concrete Cylinder Molds, Reusable are 4x8in (102x203mm) molds and constructed of heavy-wall plastic for extended use. An engineered plastic liner and disc insert ensure smooth samples and easy specimen removal when demolding. Molds are sold in a package of four and supplied with a lid, liner, and disc insert. Extra liners and discs can be purchased separately.
  • TempGuard™ Polystyrene Concrete Cylinder Molds are 4x8in (102x203mm) and constructed of high-density EPS foam. This type of material provides insulation and protection from severe temperature gradients during initial curing in the field. This design allows for consistent test results that represent the job site conditions.
    TempGuard™ molds are sold in packages of nine with pre-installed liners, and forty-five additional liners. Replacing liners after each use allows molds to be reused up to six times each.

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