Concrete Cylinder Molds

Gilson offers Concrete Cylinder Molds in three unique types including biodegradeable, steel and reusable models.


6x12inch Plastic Cylinder Mold

Starting at $28.50
Models: HM-151, HM-151D
Models: HM-152, HM-152D
Models: HM-142, HM-144

Biodegradable Plastic Cylinder Molds for single-use applications are non-absorptive and molded as single piece units for dimensional uniformity. Rugged molds have unlimited shelf life and are weather-resistant, but contain a unique additive that allows microbes present in landfills and composting facilities to break down plastic. Molds are unaffected by heat, light or cement paste. Built-in lip helps retain round specimen shape. Writable surface allows recording of data. Tight-fitting Plastic Lids are purchased separately.

Steel Concrete Cylinder Molds are heavy-duty and reusable many times over. 1/4in (6.4mm) thick walls are split longitudinally to allow easy specimen removal. When clamps are released, the mold springs apart slightly. Detachable base plate is tight-fitting. All parts are plated for rust resistance and are non-reactive to cement constituents. Steel molds give uniform results and are dimensionally stable under severe use. HM-144 6x12in Mold has a built-in handle for easier handling of specimens. Available in 6x12in (152x305mm) or 4x8in (102x203mm) sizes.

Reusable Cylinder Molds are 1/4in (6.3mm) heavy-wall plastic for extended use and significant cost savings over single-use molds. With proper care, these 4x8in (102x152mm) molds can be used dozens of times. Inexpensive multi-use Cylinder Saver Liners and Disc Inserts allow easy removal of molded cylinders, often by just sliding them out. If necessary, a small, user-supplied hand-held air pump will quickly release specimens. The molds meet the requirements of ASTM C470 and produce exceptionally consistent specimens. Supplied in packages of four, each with a domed plastic lid, Liner, and Insert. Replacement Liners and Disc Inserts are available as accessories.