Concrete Cylinder Molds

In conjunction with proficient sampling and curing techniques, Gilson’s concrete cylinder molds ensure uniform, high-quality specimens for field and laboratory testing needs. Available field offerings include environmentally responsible biodegradable molds, money-saving reusable plastic molds, and an insulating, polystyrene mold. For laboratory use, both steel and cast-iron molds are available in two sizes.


Plastic Concrete Cylinder Molds, Single-Use
Models: HM-151, HM-151D, HM-152, HM-152D, HM-153, HM-154
Steel Concrete Cylinder Molds
Models: HM-143, HM-142, HM-144
Cast-Iron Concrete Cylinder Molds
Models: HM-149, HM-169
Concrete Cylinder Molds

Concrete Cylinder Molds are compliant with ASTM C31, ASTM C192, and ASTM C470 standards, as well as AASHTO M 205/205M, AASHTO R 39 and AASHTO T 23 standards.

  • Single-Use Plastic Concrete Cylinder Molds, are non-absorptive, disposable, and biodegradable. A proprietary additive is included in the manufacturing process that allows the molds to biodegrade in a landfill or compost facility. The molds have an unlimited shelf life and are weather resistant. Available in 6x12in (152x305mm), 4x8in (102x203mm), 3x6in (76x152mm) or 2x4in (51x102mm) dimensions.
  • Steel Concrete Test Cylinder Molds are constructed from rust-resistant zinc-plated steel and are designed for rigorous laboratory use. Featuring a detachable base plate and longitudinal opening, the molds allow for convenient sample removal. Available with or without a carrying handle and in two sizes, 6x12in (152x305mm) or 4x8in (102x203mm).
  • Cast-Iron Concrete Cylinder Molds are machined to precise tolerances and incorporate reinforcing ribs to resist deformation over prolonged use. The molds are available in 4x8in (101.6x203.2mm) and 6x12in (152.4x304.8mm) sizes.
  • Reusable Plastic Concrete Cylinder Mold, is constructed of heavy-wall plastic and feature an engineered liner and insert to maintain sample integrity while minimizing friction when separating from the mold. The 4x8in (102x203mm) molds can be reused dozens of times.
  • TempGuard Polystyrene Concrete Cylinder Mold help reduce the need for curing boxes during summer and winter temperature extremes. Made of high-density EPS foam, TempGuard insulating properties minimize rapid temperature fluctuations during the initial curing period. The pre-lined 4x8in (102x203mm) molds are reusable up to six times and include additional liner sets.