Cylinder Mold Accessories

Transporting, handling, and testing concrete strength specimens in field or laboratory environments in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO test methods is critical to ensuring reliable and accurate test results. Gilson offers a selection of cylinder wraps, carriers and racks, and other tools designed to protect and preserve the integrity of the fresh specimen from preparation to testing.


Cylinder Wraps

Cylinder Wraps

Starting at $10.50
Models: HM-178, HM-179
Cylinder Lifting Handles

Cylinder Lifting Handles

Starting at $53.00
Models: HM-192, HM-188
Concrete Cylinder Transport Racks
Models: HM-114, HM-116
Perpendicularity Verification Devices
Models: MCA-44, MCA-44N, MCA-46
Concrete Hand Floats

Concrete Hand Floats

Starting at $15.00
Models: HMA-309, HMA-305
  • Cylinder Wraps are canvas-nylon cloth sheaths that minimize shattering when a cylinder breaks during testing. Velcro® straps secure the wrap tightly around the cylinder. Available in 4 and 6in sizes.
  • Plastic Concrete Cylinder Carrier for 6in Molds are single-use carriers with a handle used to transport a 6in (152mm) concrete cylinder in a single-use plastic mold with a wide lip. Handles turn up and snap in place in the middle for ease of carrying. Can be used when the lid is still on the mold.
  • Concrete Cylinder Stripping Tool has a sturdy 20in (508mm) long metal blade and is used to easily remove single-use plastic or cardboard cylinder molds from concrete specimens of all sizes.
  • Concrete Cylinder Mold Carrier Ring securely supports 6x12in concrete cylinders when freshly molded or for transport. It is also used when moving or handling heavy cylinders in the laboratory. The carrier is equipped with a sliding ring to ensure the secure handling of the cylinder.
  • Concrete Cylinders Carrier Grippers are used when handling 4 and 6in diameter cured concrete cylinders. Metal pincer-style grips with top carrying handles to grip the sides of the concrete cylinder for a secure fit.
  • Concrete Cylinder Transport Racks are available in models holding eight 4x8in or eight 6x12in concrete cylinders for curing and/or transport. Each model fits within the HM-112 Field Curing Chest.
  • Perpendicularity Verification Devices verify the accurate alignment of concrete cylinders placed in concrete compression testing machines, as required in the latest version of ASTM C39. The device comes with a gap measurement tool to confirm proper tolerances.
  • Concrete Hand Floats provide a smooth finish and level surface on concrete mold and cylinder samples.

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