Adjustable Soil Trimmer

Adjustable Soil Trimmer
Adjustable Soil Trimmer
Model: HM-231
Price: $421.00
Adjustable Wire Saw Soil Trimmer
Adjustable Wire Saw Soil Trimmer
Model: HM-266
Price: $58.50

Many laboratory soils tests, such as permeability, triaxial or consolidation, require samples to be trimmed to a specific size. Universal Model HM-231 trims cylindrical soil samples to any desired diameter from 1—3in (25—76mm), and up to 7.5in (190mm) in length. Top platens for the most common diameters of 1.4in and 2.8in are included. Order others as needed. In use, the sample is positioned on the 3in (76mm) diameter pedestal, and the top platen bearing assembly is lowered and locked into place. The trimming guide is then positioned to the exact diameter required, and a wire saw or trimming knife is used to remove a small slice of soil. Sample is then rotated to present another face for trimming.

The sturdy frame is attached to a 6in (150mm) square aluminum base on non-skid rubber feet. The pedestal is centered on a steel post and turns on a low-friction, bearing. Interchangeable upper platens fit onto a sealed cartridge bearing at the end of the height adjustment rod. Smooth rotation with no side-play is assured, allowing precise dimensioning. The height adjustment rod, pedestal and platens have short specimen holding pins to prevent displacement of sample during trimming. Inquire for special model trimmers for up to 4in (102mm) diameter. Order HM-266 Wire Saw (not shown) for trimming.

Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 11lb (5kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 11lb (5kg)
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