TempGuard™ Polystyrene Concrete Cylinder Mold

Model: HM-338C
Price: $49.00

TempGuard Cylinder Molds have unique insulating qualities that offer protection from both hot and cold temperature fluctuations on the job site. They are available in 4x8in (102x152mm) dimensions.

HM-338C TempGuard™ 4x8in (102x203mm) Reusable Cylinder Molds reduce the potential impact on concrete strength tests from hot or cold temperature swings during the initial curing phase, allowing consistent test results that more closely represent job-site conditions.

The Polystyrene mold bodies are suitable for an average of six uses when the Plastic Liners are replaced between each use. Plastic Liners, each with side and bottom pieces, are inserted into the 4x8in (102x203mm) expanded polystyrene molds when casting fresh concrete specimens. Concrete specimens are removed using gentle application of compressed air through an opening in the bottom of the mold. TempGuard™ Cylinder Molds are supplied in cases of nine molds with pre-installed liners, plus 45 additional Liner Sets.


  • Molds are reusable an average of six times when used as directed
  • Negative effects of hot or cold temperature extremes are minimized

Included Items:

  • HM-338C 4x8in Reusable TempGuard™ Concrete Cylinder Molds, case of 9 molds with pre-installed liner sets, plus 45 additional liner sets
Quantity Package of 9
Estimated Shipping Weight 10.0lbs (4.54kg)

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Quantity Package of 9
Estimated Shipping Weight 10.0lbs (4.54kg)