Ultra Class

For analytical and sensitive balances and applications that demand superior accuracy.

Models: OBA-210, OBA-210T, OBA-210W
Models: OBA-205, OBA-205T, OBA-205W
Models: OBA-201, OBA-201T, OBA-201W

Calibration Mass, Ultra Class, 10kg

Starting at $1,138.00
Models: OBA-214, OBA-214T, OBA-214W
Models: OBA-211, OBA-211T, OBA-211W
Models: OBA-206, OBA-206T, OBA-206W
Models: OBA-202, OBA-202T, OBA-202W

Calibration Mass, Ultra Class, 20kg

Starting at $1,675.00
Models: OBA-215, OBA-215T, OBA-215W
Models: OBA-212, OBA-212T, OBA-212W
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