Calibration Weights for Balances

Sophisticated testing and frequent auditing of procedures and laboratory equipment has made it increasingly important for laboratories to set up and maintain a calibration program for their balances. Calibration Weights check span and linearity and calibrate electronic balances. The commonly used Span Calibration method uses one-point calibration with a single mass approximately equal to the capacity of the balance. Some balances use the Linearity Calibration method which allows the user to select multiple mass settings, normally defined as zero, center (half span), and full span of the balances capacity. this method minimizes deviation throughout the balance's weighing range.


Calibration Weights for Digital Scales and Balances

Gilson offers Calibration Weights in ASTM Classes 1 and 4, NIST Class F, and Ultra Class. Recessed grip handles are part of the 10kg and 20kg weights for easier handling and stacking. Individual weights from 10—4,000g include a glove and protective, foam-lined plastic case. Cases for 10kg and 20kg weights are high-impact plastic, reinforced with metal edges.

Precision Weights Sets are avalable with ranges from 1mg—100g and 1—100g in Ultra Class, ASTM Class 1 and ASTM Class 4. Weights are supplied in 5-2-2-1 series as ASTM E617 specifies. Packed in protective plastic cases.

Traceable or NVLAP Certificates are available for all calibration weights and sets. Traceable Certificates document traceability to NIST and compliance with ASTM or OIML specifications. They include nominal value and correction, date of calibration, accuracy class, customer name and purchase order number. NVLAP Weight Calibration Certificates should be requested by users who must provide certification to ISO, FDA, ANSI or other requirements. Report format and contents comply with NVLAP requirements.

  • ASTM Class 1 are for use with analytical balances and applications requiring first-order accuracy. ASTM Class 1 weights are highly-polished stainless steel. Several models in varying mass ranges are available to choose from with optional NIST Traceable or NVLAP certification.
  • ASTM Class 4 are used with balances less sensitive than 0.01g, and for applications requiring average accuracy. ASTM Class 4 weights are constructed of satin-finished stainless steel. Models are available with optional NIST Traceable or NVLAP certification.
  • NIST Class F is designed for higher capacity, less sensitive balances and scales, NIST Class F models are also available with optional NIST Traceable or NVLAP certification. They are constructed of cast iron with integral grip handles.
  • Ultra Class is designed to provide superior accuracy for analytical and sensitive balances and applications that demand it, Ultra Class boasts weight tolerances 40-50% tighter than ASTM Class 1 and equal to or exceeding OIML Class E2. They are constructed of highly polished stainless steel. Models are available with optional NIST Traceable or NVLAP certification.