NIST Class F

NIST Class F Calibration Weights are available for higher capacity balances and scales. The weights are cast iron and feature integral grip handles. Models are available with NIST Traceable or NVLAP Certifications.

Models: OBA-282, OBA-282T, OBA-282W
Models: OBA-284, OBA-284T, OBA-284W
Models: OBA-286, OBA-286T, OBA-286W
Models: OBA-288, OBA-288T, OBA-288W
Models: OBA-289, OBA-289T, OBA-289W
Models: OBA-291, OBA-291T, OBA-291W
Models: OBA-278, OBA-278T, OBA-278W
Models: OBA-280, OBA-280T, OBA-280W