ASTM Class 1

ASTM Class 1 Calibration Weights for calibration checks of laboratory balances are polished stainless steel and supplied with protective plastic case and glove for handling. 10kg and 20kg weights feature built-in recessed grip for easier handling. Sets of calibration weights are available in 1mg to 100g and 1g to 100g ranges. Models are available with NIST Traceable or NVLAP Certifications.

Models: OBA-301, OBA-301T, OBA-301W
Models: OBA-302, OBA-302T, OBA-302W
Models: OBA-303, OBA-303T, OBA-303W
Models: OBA-304, OBA-304T, OBA-304W
Models: OBA-305, OBA-305T, OBA-305W
Models: OBA-306, OBA-306T, OBA-306W
Models: OBA-307, OBA-307T, OBA-307W
Models: OBA-308, OBA-308T, OBA-308W
Models: OBA-309, OBA-309T, OBA-309W
Models: OBA-310, OBA-310T, OBA-310W
Models: OBA-311, OBA-311T, OBA-311W
Models: OBA-312, OBA-312T, OBA-312W
Models: OBA-313, OBA-313T, OBA-313W
Models: OBA-314, OBA-314T, OBA-314W
Models: OBA-315, OBA-315T, OBA-315W
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