Portable Crushers

Portable crushers are rugged and versatile, offering solid performance in processing bulk aggregate, mineral, and ore materials for high-volume lab testing, pilot-plant, and small production operations. Models are available powered with gasoline or electric motors. Jaw Crusher and Hammermill models can be used independently, but also work efficiently together as primary and secondary crushers for the reduction of bulk materials from 8in (203mm) to finer than No. 35 (0.5mm) sizes.


10in Jaw Crushers

10in Jaw Crushers

Starting at $15,550.00
Models: LC-44G, LC-44E
Portable Hammermill Crushers

Portable Hammermill Crushers

Starting at $15,350.00
Models: LC-47G, LC-47E
  • 10in Jaw Crushers are designed for crushing larger samples with a maximum feed size of 8in (203mm). These crushers have an approximate throughput of 1 to 2 tons (907 to 1,814kg) per hour.
  • Portable Hammermill Crushers have a 2in (51mm) maximum feed size, also with a throughput of 1 to 2 tons (907 to 1,814kg) per hour. These crushers are equipped with ten 8lb (3.6kg) hammers.