Hammermill Crushers

Hammermill Crushers are used for reducing a wide range of bulk material samples such as aggregates, minerals and ores, as well as coal and coke to output sizes suitable for testing. The units operate using hammers to crush to final size with throughput ranging from 1,000 pounds to 2 tons ( 454 to 1,800kg) per hour.


Portable Hammermill Crushers

Portable Hammermill Crushers

Starting at $11,350.00
Models: LC-47G, LC-47D, LC-47E
Holmes Hammermill Coal Crushers

Holmes Hammermill Coal Crushers

Starting at $14,070.00
Models: LC-201, LC-401
  • Portable Hammermill Crushers offer fast on-site set up and high production for crushing aggregates, minerals and ores with approximate throughput of 1 to 2 tons (900 to 1,800kg)/hour. Maximum feed size is 2in (51mm) with final output size to No.80 (0.2mm) fineness. They perform well for high-volume laboratory, pilot plant and small production output. Models are available with a 24hp diesel engine, 30hp gasoline engine or 15hp electric motor. All come with ten 8lb (3.6kg) hammers.
  • Holmes Hammermill Coal Crushers are available in a small unit for 2in (51mm) or smaller samples of coal and coke, and a larger crusher for feed sizes up to 6in (152mm). Throughput is 1,000lb (454kg) for the small crusher with 1/16in (1.6mm) final size, and approximately 4,000lb (1,814kg) throughput/hour and final size to 3/16in (4.75mm) for the large crusher. Each comes with two size selectable screen plates.