1,000ml Glass Graduated Cylinder

Model: GW-26
Price: $101.50

GW-26 1,000ml Glass Graduated Cylinder is made of durable borosilicate glass with etched single scale graduations every 10.0ml. Graduations are numbered top to bottom. The cylinder has a large base for stability and an enlarged funnel top. Package of one.

Glass Graduated Cylinders are available in additional sizes of 10 to 2,000ml. View the featured video on Gilson Graduated Cylinders to learn more.


  • Funnel top opening
  • Etched numbered graduations

Included Items:

  • 1,000ml Glass Graduated Cylinder
Graduated Capacity 1,000ml
Graduations 10.0ml
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.8lbs (0.79kg)

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Graduated Capacity 1,000ml
Graduations 10.0ml
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.8lbs (0.79kg)
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