Diamond Core Drill Bits

Diamond Core Drill Bits are optimized for use in asphalt, reinforced concrete, or other hard materials to extract high-quality samples for analysis. All drilling bits are constructed for wet use and fast-cutting when used according to design applications.

All bits fit standard core drills with 1.25″ x 7 thread. Drill bits are available in two design styles, open-head or closed-head. Closed-head bits have an overall length of 20.5in (520.7mm) and are capable of coring up to a total depth of 18in (457.2mm). Open-head bits have an overall length of 14.75in (374.65mm) and are capable of coring to a total depth of 12.5in (317.5mm). The final core diameter is approximately 0.25in (6.4mm) smaller than the nominal outside diameter.

Note: Open-head bits require an Expander Set


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Concrete Core Drill Bits

Open-head coring bit design is economical for extended use with high sample production and require an Expander Set to attach to the core drill. Convenient closed-head bits attach directly to the drill with no extra parts required. Closed-head is best suited for light to medium work applications. Both bit styles can be refurbished when diamond cutting segments appear to be worn.