Cube & Prism Molds

Gilson offers a wide selection of cube and prism molds for use with cement, mortar, grout, and capping compound. Metal molds meet most ASTM and AASHTO specifications, but lighter plastic molds often suffice for internal QC programs. All molds are 3-gang except for single specimen, 6in (152mm) and 150mm single molds.

Model: HM-291
Model: HM-257
Model: HM-256

2x2inch Bronze Cube Mold

Starting at $360.00
Models: HM-294, HM-294CL, HM-294M
Model: HM-340
Model: HM-297
Model: HM-335

2x2inch Stainless Steel Cube Mold

Starting at $420.00
Models: HM-296, HM-296M
Model: HM-255
Model: HM-259
Model: HM-290
Model: HM-298


Starting at $8.00
Models: HMA-306, HMA-307