Advanced Software

Model: LPA-713
Price: $3,130.00

Advanced Software enhances computer control of LP-72 Standard and LP-74 High-Performance Rotational Viscometers for improved analysis and reporting of data. When using the High-Performance Viscometer the temperature ramps and operation are controlled with the software and the LPA-75 Temperature Control Device.

Includes tools for mathematical modeling, management of data, and display of graphics for curves and tables. User-defined steps for instrument control and temperature ramps can be saved for repeated use.


  • Improves functionality and operation of Standard and High-Performance Rotational Viscometers
  • Create and save steps and test methods for testing
  • Enhanced data analysis and transfer for reporting
  • Controls temperature ramps and operation when used with LP-74 viscometer and LPA-75 Temperature Control Device
  • Superior graphics rendering for curves, tables, and results

Included Items:

  • Advanced Software


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Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lb (0.45kg)
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