Asphalt Penetrometers, Needle Penetration Test Equipment

Universal Asphalt Penetrometers test a wide variety of materials by penetration of weighted needles or cones and are all compliant with ASTM and AASHTO standards when fitted with proper needle or cone. The main applications are for bituminous materials, but these versatile instruments also work for waxes, greases, foods, and pharmaceuticals. Gilson offers heavy-duty units for manual and automatic use and lighter, portable models for fieldwork or users with a limited workload or budget.


Manual Universal Penetrometer
Model: HM-320
Automatic Universal Penetrometers
Models: HM-322, HM-322F, HM-322D, HM-322DF
Grease Penetration Cones

Grease Penetration Cones

Starting at $280.00
Models: HMA-182, HMA-183, HMA-183S
Bituminous Materials Needle

Bituminous Materials Needle

Starting at $104.00
Models: HMA-180, HMA-180C
Wax Penetration Needle

Wax Penetration Needle

Starting at $158.00
Models: HMA-181, HMA-181C
Transfer Dish
Model: HMA-188
3oz Tinned-Metal Sample Containers
Models: SC-500, SC-500-1
Asphalt Penetrometers
  • Manual Universal Penetrometer is a basic, cost-effective model featuring rugged construction for accurate, sensitive measurements and an indicator dial with instant zero resets.
  • Automatic Universal Penetrometer is the same as the manual model but uses a button release mechanism with a digital timer to automatically stop the plunger when the preset time expires.
  • Grease Penetration Cones are available in solid magnesium, hollow brass, and hollow stainless steel and are 90° with a 30° removable hardened steel tip.
  • Bituminous Materials Needle is smooth, hardened, tempered stainless steel with brass ferrule and weighs 2.5g to give 50g total when mounted with plunger assembly, available with or without NIST certification.
  • Wax Penetration Needle is 2.5g but has a truncated cone-shaped tip with approximately 4mm maximum diameter tapered to 0.15mm diameter end, available with or without NIST certification.
  • Transfer Dish is clear plastic, 3.75in diameter x 3.25in deep (95x82mm), suitable for holding 3oz or 6oz sample containers for transferring asphalt samples.
  • 3oz or 6oz Sample Containers are used for measuring and transferring asphalt samples.