Transfer Dish for Universal Penetrometer

Model: HMA-188
Price: $52.00

HMA-188 Transfer Dish for HM-320 Manual or HM-322 Automatic Universal Penetrometer is 3.75x3.25in (95x82mm) clear plastic, with flat bottom and metal centering lugs. A magnet cemented to the bottom of the Transfer Dish secures SC-500 or SC-504 Sample Containers. Holds 3 or 6oz Sample Containers during transfer from bath for penetration testing.


  • Magnet on bottom secures sample boxes during transfer
  • Works with manual or automatic Universal Penetrometers

Included Items:

  • HMA-188 Transfer Dish
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.6lb (0.27kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 0.6lb (0.27kg)
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