Test Hammer Calibration Anvil

Model: HM-76B
Price: $559.00

HM-76B Test Hammer Calibration Anvil verifies proper operation and rebound energy of Concrete Test Hammers from most manufacturers. It has a hammer guide and hardened alloy steel rebound plate with 66±2 HRC hardness, to provide a minimum rebound reading of 75. This 6in (152mm) dia. solid steel anvil is recommended for checking calibration after every 1,000 to 2,000 impacts. HM-76B comes with a hardness certification to ASTM E18 requirements, and a wire brush for cleaning.


  • Verifies operation and rebound energy of concrete test hammers
  • Solid steel construction

Included Items:

  • Test Hammer Calibration Anvil
  • Hardness Certification to ASTM E18
  • Wire Brush
Diameter 6in (152mm)
Material Solid Steel
Estimated Shipping Weight 58.0lbs (26.31kg)

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Diameter 6in (152mm)
Material Solid Steel
Estimated Shipping Weight 58.0lbs (26.31kg)
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