Sulfate Soundness Test

Gilson offers testing components for the Sulfate Soundness Test separately, allowing users to build the system that best meets their needs. Soundness testing of aggregates in sodium sulfate or magnesium sulfate solutions uses repeated soaking, drying and rehydration cycles to simulate damage to aggregates caused by natural freeze-thaw action. Salts are deposited in voids during soaking then crystalize upon drying and expand when rehydrated.

Magnesium / Sodium Sulfate Soundness Test Equipment
  • Sulfate Soundness Test Sieves are used to hold aggregate specimens during testing in a sodium or magnesium sulfate solution.
  • 8in Sample Sieve Holder stack sample sieves for immersion in sulfate solution for testing.
  • Solution Bucket for 8in Sieve Holders is for immersing stacked sieves into solution for testing.
  • Sulfate Soundness Washing Bucket washes sulfate off the specimens when immersion is completed.
  • Hydrometers are available for use in either magnesium or sodium testing solutions.
  • Water Bath Tank holds plain water and up to four Solution Buckets.
  • Platinum RTD Datalogging Thermometers ensure precise temperature measurement of solution during testing.