Sulfate Soundness Test

Gilson offers testing components for the Sulfate Soundness Test separately, allowing users to build the system that best meets their needs. Soundness testing of aggregates in sodium sulfate or magnesium sulfate solutions uses repeated soaking, drying and rehydration cycles to simulate damage to aggregates caused by natural freeze-thaw action. Salts are deposited in voids during soaking, crystalize upon drying and expand when rehydrated.

Sample Sieves with aggregate specimens are stacked in Sieve Holders and immersed in Solution Buckets containing the sulfate solution. After the final cycle, specimens are immersed in the Washing Tank for rinsing with hot water. Solution Hydrometers and Precision Thermometers are used when mixing the solution and during testing.

The Cooling/Heating Circulator and Water Bath Tank are useful if there is difficulty maintaining the solution temperature at the required 70 ±2ºF (21 ±1ºC). The Solution Buckets can be immersed in the Water Bath Tank, with temperature-controlled tap water flowing from the circulator to maintain proper temperature.