Specimen Measurement

Diameter Measuring Tapes, marked in Metric or Inches, and stainless steel Digital Calipers are useful tools for quick and accurate measurements of soil specimens.


Digital Calipers

Digital Calipers

Starting at $198.00
Models: TSA-271, TSA-268, TSA-270
Measuring Tapes

Measuring Tapes

Starting at $12.00
Models: TSA-275, TSA-279
Diameter Measuring Pi Tape

Diameter Measuring Pi Tape

Starting at $131.00
Models: HM-162, HM-162M
  • Digital Calipers are an effective tool in pavement quality testing that provide accuracy and precision in specimen measurements. Available with 6in/152mm and 12in/305mm capacity.
  • Measuring Tapes are available in 16 or 12ft lengths. They come in inches and millimeters or feet and inches.
  • Diameter Measuring Tape is designed with engraved graduations and numbers, and used to measure concrete, soils and asphalt specimens. Available in inch or Metric measures.