Soil Consolidation Test Equipment

One-dimensional consolidation of soils, also referred to as oedometer testing, provides information for calculating expected soil settlement of structures and pavements. Karol-Warner Consolidation Frames meet the most stringent demands for performing these types of tests.

  • Consolidation Load Frames available in CONBEL® Pneumatic or Dead Weight Lever-Loaded models offer solid loading performance and functionality in compact benchtop units. Pneumatic systems are available in three different load capacities.
  • Consolidometers in fixed-ring or floating-ring models are required for testing soil samples with Consolidation Load Frames. Designed for Karol-Warner and other manufacturer’s models.
  • Consolidometer Accessories include porous stones, calibration discs, cutting sample rings and Grade 55 filter paper, and are compatible for use in testing soil consolidation.
  • Basic Swell Consolidometers determine swell and expansion potential of a soil specimens, and operate independently, without use of a loading frame.
  • Expansion Index Consolidometer is used in determining swell potential of a soil specimen with the ASTM D4829 test method.
  • Back Pressure Consolidometer can measure pore pressure and allows back pressure saturation of a soil sample during consolidation.