Consolidation Machines

Gilson Consolidation Load Frames are popular in geotechnical laboratories to determine expected soil settlement of pavements and structures. Consolidation machines are manufactured by Karol-Warner and employ either a pneumatic design or a dead-weight apparatus to apply incremental axial loads to a laterally restrained soil specimen. Pneumatic consolidation load frames use compressed air for precise, shock-free loading of samples.


Consolidation Load Frames (Pneumatic)
Models: HM-356, HM-356F, HM-354, HM-354F, HM-355, HM-355F
Soil Consolidation Test Load Frames
  • Consolidation Load Frames (Pneumatic) use pneumatic pressure to instantaneously apply and maintain precisely controlled loads to soil specimens. Available in three models with load capacities that range from 16-64tsf.

  • Consolidation Load Frame (Dead-Weight) features a compact and economical table-top frame with a 48tsf capacity using a dead-weight loading system. The unit allows instant loading with minimal impact.

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