Consolidometers are precision instruments used to measure strength of soil samples and provide an estimate of the specimen’s potential to settle under pavements and structures. They are available in Fixed and Floating-Ring models in all popular inch and metric sizes, and meet ASTM D4546 / ASTM D2435 as well as AASHTO T 216. Consolidometers are used in testing with Consolidation Load Frames from Karol-Warner and other manufacturers. Two Porous Stones are included with each Consolidometer.

Model: HMA-83A
Model: HMA-83B
Model: HMA-83C
Model: HMA-83D
Model: HMA-83E
Model: HMA-83F
Model: HMA-83G
Model: HMA-83H
Model: HMA-83L
Model: HMA-83J
Model: HMA-84A
Model: HMA-84B
Model: HMA-84D
Model: HMA-84E
Model: HMA-84F
  • Fixed Ring Consolidometers load the specimen from the top with the base of the sample ring fixed in place.
  • Floating Ring Consolidometer models transfer force to the specimen through both the top and bottom.