Sand Cone Density Apparatus (12in)

Model: HM-98
Price: $1,280.00

The HM-98 12in Sand Cone Density Apparatus is used to determine in-place density of coarse soils and gravel where a larger hole is needed for accurate results. The 12in (305mm) diameter unit has two identical cones connected by a valve in the center. The metal cylinder is attached to the top cone, with a clear plastic top for viewing and built in carrying handles. A circular density plate is included.


  • Metal construction
  • Clear top for easy viewing

Included Items:

  • 12in Large Sand Cone Density Apparatus
  • Circular Density Plate


Diameter 12in (305mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 50.0lb (22.68kg)

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Diameter 12in (305mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 50.0lb (22.68kg)
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