Rapid Chloride Permeability Tester

Model: HM-723
Price: $8,690.00

Chloride permeability characteristics of concrete can be reliably determined with the Proove’it system by Germann Instruments. The simple Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (RCPT) is performed on concrete specimens taken from cores or test cylinders. Electrical current flow is measured across a 4x2in (102x51mm) dia.xH specimen positioned in a test cell with fluid reservoirs at each end. The negative end is immersed in a 3% sodium chloride solution, and the positive end in a 0.3N sodium hydroxide solution. The specimen is subjected to a 60V DC potential across the ends for six hours. The more permeable the concrete, the higher the total charge or Coulombs passed across the specimen will be.

The HM-723 Rapid Chloride Permeability Tester includes a microprocessor power supply module distributes precisely controlled voltage to as many as eight RCPT specimens simultaneously. Windows®-based software installed on the user’s PC controls test parameters, stores test data, and prepares professional quality reports that can be customized with a company logo. Electrical current readings are updated every 5 seconds, and a predicted 6-hour Coulomb value is generated every 5 minutes. Test results can be exported to Excel for comprehensive statistical analyses of the results. Software, power cord, serial cable, and manual are included. Testing time and parameters are programmable as required. The Proove’it system can also be used for ASTM C1760 Bulk Electrical Conductivity Testing using special cell extension rods (inquire), and to determine Chloride Migration Coefficient as described in NordTest Build 492. Voltage settings can be adjusted from 5 to 60V in 5V increments.

HMA-278 Specimen Cells are purchased separately and are ready to use with sealing rings for 4in (102mm) diameter specimens, connecting cables and temperature probe. Each cell consists of two plexiglass end-caps with embedded conductive mesh and required electrical connections. HMA-279 Sealing Rings adapt Specimen Cells for use with 100mm (3.9in) specimens. Inquire for a special cell with cooling fins for testing highly permeable concrete or for tests requiring constant temperatures. For efficient sample conditioning, the HMA-283 Vacuum Chamber saturates 4 to 6 samples at a time. The user can operate with their own vacuum pump, or the HMA-284 Vacuum Pump is available as an option. Larger HMA-286 Vacuum Chamber has capacity for up to 20 specimens, and the HMA-287 Vacuum Pump is available for use with it. The HMA-299 Verification Unit verifies output from the controller. Each channel of the Controller is set up for a selected voltage and connected to the Verification Unit. Actual current is displayed on the computer screen.

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