Large Vacuum Chamber

Model: HMA-286
Price: $3,500.00

HMA-286 Large Vacuum Chamber is a clear cylindrical chamber that can hold up to 16 concrete specimens for vacuum saturation for testing with the HM-723 Rapid Chloride Permeability Tester. The removable aluminum top has fittings that connect to the vacuum pump, and a built-in indicator gauge. A user-supplied vacuum source or HMA-287 Large Vacuum Pump is required for operation with this chamber.


  • Clear chamber can hold 16 specimens at one time
  • Removable top allows for easy placement or removal of samples
  • Attached indicator gauge

Included Items:

  • HMA-286 Large Vacuum Chamber for Rapid Chloride Permeability Tester


Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lbs (9.07kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lbs (9.07kg)