Profometer Cover Meter Five-Year Software

Profometer Basic Software, Five-Year Subscription

Profometer Basic Software, Five-Year Subscription

Model: CTA-65
Price: $3,230.00
Profometer Pro Software, Five-Year Subscription

Profometer Pro Software, Five-Year Subscription

Model: CTA-66
Price: $7,100.00

PM8000 Profometer Software, Five-Year Subscription is a renewal of the software for the Proceq Profometer PM8000 Rebar Diameter & Cover Meters. The Profometer app is the ideal software for inspection services, structural and civil engineering firms, and contractors performing durability and structural resistance assessment of reinforced concrete structures, as well as quality control of new construction. A software license is required in order to use the functionality of the Profometer app and is available in a Basic or Premium subscription.

Viewing Features for Pro Subscription

  • Line scan measurement with high-clarity imaging to provide an instant full picture
  • Area scan measurement with the flexibility to choose the resolution, rebar size, and rebar direction
  • Heat maps built from area scans show healthy, weak, and over-protected areas to determine the overall durability performance of the concrete
  • AR (augmented reality) heat map to visualize reinforced concrete health by superimposing the heat map directly on a real-world concrete surface
  • Signal strength view to differentiate rebars in congested areas or detect the presence of any singular metal object
  • Neighboring rebar corrections for the first and second layers to provide precision in congested areas
  • AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms provide outstanding accuracy for rebar spacing and detection with constant rebar spacing input
  • DBV (Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein) criteria for advanced statistics

The Basic subscription does not include the features listed above but includes spot data import, manual rebar spacing, 1st layer NRC, standard statistics, and functionality of the logbook and data sharing.

The logbook enables users to store geolocation, tags, photos, voice memos, and notes to provide contextual information and share data with only one click in raw data, CSV, or HTML format. All data is accessible on the Screening Eagle Workspace with any web browser.

Features of the respective licenses are shown in the chart below. The subscription also includes continuous software service and maintenance, as well as compatibility upgrades to fully support the latest generation of iPads® and the latest version of iPadOS. Apple iPad models are supplied by the user (iPadOS 13 or later required).

Profometer App features
Measurement Modes
Spot Data Import
Line Scan X
Area Scan X
Cover Offset X
Rebar Spacing Measurements (1st Layer)
Auto Rebar Spacing X
Manual Rebar Spacing
Neighboring Rebar Correction (NRC)
1st Layer NRC
2nd Layer NRC X
Standard Statistics
DBV Advanced Statistics X
Line Scan
Concrete Cover & Rebar Diameter View X
Signal Strength View X
Area Scan
Area Scan Concrete Cover & Rebar Diameter View X
Heat Map X
AR (Augmented Reality) Heat Map X
Measurements Data
Instrument Information
Text Notes
Audio Notes
Configuration Log
Data Sharing
URL Exchange
Data Exporting
JPG (snapshot)


  • Unmatched measurement accuracy with AI technology
  • Augmented auto rebar spacing detection and intelligent neighboring rebar correction
  • Next-level image clarity and quality
  • Seamless integrated workflow to increase productivity in the field

Included Items:

  • Five-Year Subscription Renewal for Profometer Software, Basic or Pro
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