Profometer® 6 Cover Meters

Profometer 600 Cover Meter

Profometer 600 Cover Meter

Model: CT-160
Price: $5,585.00
Profometer 630 AI Cover Meter

Profometer 630 AI Cover Meter

Model: CT-163
Price: $7,285.00
Profometer 650 AI Cover Meter

Profometer 650 AI Cover Meter

Model: CT-165
Price: $8,980.00

Profometer® 6 Cover Meters by Proceq are the sixth generation in over 40 years of quality instruments designed for determining the location and measurement of concrete reinforcing steel. These models offer greater flexibility, productivity, and advanced technology than ever, with high-resolution color touchscreen operation, internal 8GB flash memory, dual-core processors, and instant model upgrades through the purchase of an activation key.

Profometer models have superior detection range and accuracy. Bar location can be detected and concrete cover measured up to 7.3in (185mm) deep, with cover accuracy of less than ±0.16in (4mm). Shallower depths can produce a diameter accuracy of ±1mm. Diameters of #12 (40mm) bars can be identified at depths up to 2.5in (63mm) with an accuracy of ±1mm. Detection and measurement limits and accuracy are affected by cover depth and bar diameter. 7in (178mm) IP54 rated color touchscreen display is 800x480 pixels.

There are three models, and each features a color touchscreen contained within a rugged housing to protect against harsh field conditions. They also come with a universal probe with integrated spot probe and detachable wheeled scanning cart, a 5ft (1.5m) probe cable, power supply, carrying strap, and carrying case. ProfometerLink software is also included and allows downloading of data and the creation of customized reports with detailed charts and graphs. Optional CTA-85 Telescopic Extension Rod w/ Cable makes data collection on floors or overhead areas more efficient and less tiring. All Profometer® 6 units share the same hardware and basic electronics, differing only in available software features. Upgrade Kits are available separately, and consist of activation keys to unlock features converting the CT-160 to CT-163, and the CT-163 to CT-165. Each model can also be converted directly to the CT-170 Profometer® Corrosion Meter (available separately) with purchase of the CTA-91 Conversion Kit and desired Corrosion Electrode (Rod, Single, or Four-Wheel). The meter’s 3.6V internal battery is rated for up to 8-hour use in standard mode.

CT-160 Profometer 600 precisely locates reinforcing steel and provides accurate assessments of cover depths. It is ideal for avoiding damage to the reinforcement matrix when drilling, and coring or cutting concrete, as well as determining adequate concrete cover over steel in large areas or for spot checks. Operation in locate mode detects rebar location and direction while measuring bar diameter and cover depth. On-screen visual prompts offer control over signal strength and speed, and integral spot probe features increased definition in corners or areas of congested reinforcement. Settings are directly accessible on the measurement screen. Inclined rebars are automatically detected. The snapshot and statistics views show a comprehensive graphic of measured data on the display screen. The cover and diameter for each rebar is indicated in the snapshot view, while the statistics view presents a graphical display of cover depth distribution. Measured values are easily assessed directly on the screen. Simply reopen stored files to continue measurements. Stored data is easily exported to a PC through the USB port using the ProfometerLink software.

CT-163 Profometer 630 AI offers enhanced functionality over the CT-160 through the addition of Single-Line, Multi-Line, and Area Scan Modes, along with advanced statistical capabilities. Single- and multi-line scans allow for continuous recorded measurements of cover over long distances with or without bar diameter measurements. Colors indicating cover and bar diameter parameters can be assigned to quickly highlight areas of concern. The area scan feature produces a simplified view of cover data over a large area. This makes it easy to assess the conformity of slabs and structural walls to required codes for corrosion protection and fire resistance.

CT-165 Profometer 650 AI offers the full reporting features of the CT-163 and adds Proceq’s unique Cross-Line Scan measuring mode and analysis functions. The 2D Cross-Line Scan feature provides the ability to combine linear scans in the X and Y axis into a single representation of the first and second layers of reinforcing bars. Details of cover, bar diameter, and signal strength are all displayed. Adjustments to signal strength gain and offset can be made to define specific features, such as allowing the display of only the first layer of rebars.

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  • Color display with touchscreen operation
  • Measurement range and detection up to 7.3in (185mm) deep
  • Cover accuracy of ±0.16in (4mm)
  • Rugged construction optimized for field use
  • ProfometerLink software for downloading of data and customized reports
  • Easy model upgrades through the purchase of Activation Keys
  • Cover Meter models easily convert to Corrosion Meters with optional CTA-91 kit and desired Corrosion Electrode

Included Items:

  • Profometer 600 Cover Meter, or
    Profometer 630 AI Cover Meter, or
    Profometer 650 AI Cover Meter
  • ProfometerLink Software
  • Universal Probe
  • Detachable Wheeled Scanning Cart
  • 5ft (1524mm) Probe Cable
  • Power Supply
  • Carrying Case and Strap


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Cover Measuring Range Up to 7in (185mm)
Cover Measuring Accuracy ±0.04—0.16in (1—4mm), depending on cover
Diameter Measuring Range Up to 2.5in (63mm)
Diameter Measuring Accuracy ±1 rebar size
Power Supply 3.6V Internal Battery
Memory Capacity 8GB Internal Flash Memory
Product Dimensions 9.8 x 6.4 x 2.4in (250 x 162 x 62mm) WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 16.0lb (7.26kg)

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Cover Measuring Range Up to 7in (185mm)
Cover Measuring Accuracy ±0.04—0.16in (1—4mm), depending on cover
Diameter Measuring Range Up to 2.5in (63mm)
Diameter Measuring Accuracy ±1 rebar size
Power Supply 3.6V Internal Battery
Memory Capacity 8GB Internal Flash Memory
Product Dimensions 9.8 x 6.4 x 2.4in (250 x 162 x 62mm) WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 16.0lb (7.26kg)
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