1.6ft³ Splitter Material Hopper for SM-6 & SM-61

Model: MH-6
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Material Hoppers with gated openings allow controlled distribution of bulk samples and consistent flow of materials across the entire width of chutes. Split-O-Matic Material Hoppers come in an array of capacities ranging from 1.6-12ft3 (45-340L) and are designed to fit a specific model of Production Split-O-Matic® Splitters. Our material hoppers are sold separately to allow design flexibility for material handling systems.

The MH-6 1.6ft3 Material Hopper is recommended for use with the SM-6 Manual Split-O-Matic Splitter with 36 1in chutes and three stages, and the SM-61 Production Split-O-Matic Splitter. Hopper capacity is 1.6ft3 (45L).


Included Items:

  • MH-6 Material Hopper 1.6ft3
Hopper Capacity 1.6ft³ (45L)
Estimated Shipping Weight Unavailable

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Hopper Capacity 1.6ft³ (45L)
Estimated Shipping Weight Unavailable