Pocket COMMAND Center™ 2.0 Maturity System Kit

Model: HM-680
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Pocket COMMAND Center™ 2.0 Kit is recommended for the initial set up of concrete maturity testing systems and includes everything required to perform maturity testing, collect sensor data, and transfer to a Windows-based PC for viewing, analysis, and reporting. The Kit includes a Trimble® Nomad® 1050 Handheld Computer with pre-installed software and 50 HMA-700 4ft (1.2m) Sensors. The rugged IP68 rated Nomad device features a DB9 serial port, wi-fi connectivity for direct emailing of data files, and 15-hour battery life. Reporting and Analysis Software for Windows devices is a free download and provides temperature graphs, maturity index, and strength estimates using either the Nurse-Saul or Arrhenius maturity equations. The HMA-704 USB Download Cable can also be purchased separately to independently download data from the Sensors directly to the user’s computer.

*Note - Logging intervals for the Sensors are factory set and must be specified when ordering. 15 or 30-minute intervals are recommended to comply with ASTM C1074 requirements.


  • Complete system for concrete maturity testing, ready for use right out of the box
  • Trimble® Nomad® handheld device allows easy collection and transfer of data
  • Embedded Sensors are warranted for two years and continue to log information for up to ten years

Included Items:

  • Pocket COMMAND Center 2.0 Kit
    • Trimble® Nomad® 1050 handheld computer with pre-installed software
    • 50 HM-700 Command Center 2.0 Sensors w/ 4ft (1.2M) cables
    • Reporting & Analysis software for Windows (free download)


Estimated Shipping Weight 9.0lb (4.08kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 9.0lb (4.08kg)
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