Concrete Maturity Testing Equipment

Concrete maturity is a widely practiced and effective method for estimating the strength of concrete in place, based on its age and temperature history. Accurate strength prediction saves time and money by allowing efficient scheduling for form removal and reshoring or prestressing and post-tensioning operations. Mathematical equations compare a maturity index to previous physical tests of the same mix design.

Easy-to-use data logging meters log times and temperatures from pre-placed probes, and maturity values can be calculated for periods from a few hours to a few months. Maturity sensors are also available, which monitor concrete maturity and temperature in real time through wireless data recording.


SmartRock™ Wireless Concrete Maturity Sensors
Models: CT-70, CT-71, CT-72, CT-73
Concrete Maturity Testing
  • 4-Channel Data Logging Thermometer is a cost-effective way to gather time and temperature information for later transfer to an ASCII-format spreadsheet for calculation and analysis.
  • SmartRock™ Wireless Concrete Maturity Sensors are fully embedded in fresh concrete and wirelessly record and calculate concrete temperature data. Sensors cables are 1 or 10ft in length, and the sensors have a wireless signal range of 40 or 1,000ft.

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