Pin Hole Dispersion Device

Model: HM-534
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The pinhole test identifies the dispersive characteristics of clay soils used in construction of earth embankments and dams by modeling the action of flowing water along a crack in a soil mass. Failures of earthen structures have been attributed to colloidal erosion along cracks or other flow channels formed in dispersive clays. This test evaluates clay soils by directing water through a small hole drilled through the compacted specimen.

An evaluation of effluent cloudiness and final size of the pinhole is used to qualitatively classify soils into categories of dispersiveness. Additional computations of water flow rate may also be required. Comparison of results with other tests indicates that the pinhole test has the best correlation with the actual erosion characteristics of clay soils.

The stainless steel mold is held to the base with a unique clamping ring while the specimen is compacted. Chamber and end-caps, screens, base stand, a constant-head reservoir, tubing, pipet, and a tool for drilling the pinhole are included. The end cap has a pilot hole for drilling the 1.0 mm (.040in) hole through the sample. All aluminum parts are anodized for corrosion resistance.

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