Micro Riffle Splitters

Micro Riffle Splitter W/ Aluminum Pans

Micro Riffle Splitter w/ Aluminum Pans

Model: SP-171
Price: $432.00
Micro Riffle Splitter W/ All Stainless Steel Parts

Micro Riffle Splitter w/ All Stainless Steel Parts

Model: SP-171X
Price: $1,009.00

Micro Riffle Splitters divide volumes up to 1L of fine, granular materials and powders to produce representative samples for testing.  These riffle splitters are ruggedly constructed with stainless steel frames and hoppers and hardened aluminum chutes and pans.

SP-171 Micro Riffle Splitter has 1/8in (3.2mm) chutes designed for materials with 1.0 to 1.5mm top size. The stainless steel open feeder guides material directly past fixed-width chutes and into two sample aluminum pans. Four standard pans are included, and have an extended back to prevent spillage.

SP-171X Micro Riffle Splitter is a special version of the SP-171 that features all stainless steel contact parts to avoid sample contamination, and has three included stainless steel pans.


  • Designed for representative sampling of fine powders and granular materials
  • Additional Sample Pans facilitate processing
  • Compliant with multiple ASTM and AASHTO standards; Contact us for specific standards requirements

Included Items:

  • Micro Riffle Splitter
  • 3 or 4 Sample Pans (depending on model)


  • Sample Pans for collecting sample fractions are available in various shapes and sizes
Number of Chute Bars 14
Chute Width 1/8in (3.175mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 4.0lbs (1.81kg)

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Number of Chute Bars 14
Chute Width 1/8in (3.175mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 4.0lbs (1.81kg)
Meets Standard(s):