Master-Matched Services

Master-Matched Sieve services ensure uniformity, repeatability, and continuity between multiple sieves and sieve sets. This optional service is offered for ASTM E11 8in stainless steel or combination test sieves from No. 8 (2.36mm) to No. 325 (45μm).


Master Matched Sieves
Master Matched Sieves

Master-Matched Sieves are verified to meet ASTM E11 Inspection Grade, then compared to sieves in Gilson’s master set. Each sieve is performance-tested using NIST traceable Standard Reference Materials to verify it yields ±2.5% by weight of the value of the master sieve.

Matched sieves feature uniform performance with other matched sieves or sieve sets, and future replacements will provide results consistent with the original sieve. Master-Matching can be part of an internal QCQA program.

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