Liquid Limit Brass Cups

Brass Cup with Mounting Holes

Brass Cup with Mounting Holes

Model: SAA-11
Price: $53.50
Brass Cup with Holder

Brass Cup with Holder

Model: SAA-12
Price: $83.00

Brass Liquid Limit Cups are replacement cups for use with Atterberg Limits Machines. They easily attach or remove from the machine for cleaning with a pin. SAA-11 Brass Cup has mounting holes while SAA-12 is equipped with an attached holder.


  • Made of brass
  • Easily attaches to Atterberg Limits Machine carriage

Included Items:

  • Liquid Limits Brass Cup with Mounting Holes or Holder
Material Brass
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lbs (0.45kg)

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Material Brass
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lbs (0.45kg)
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