Gilson 8in / 12in Sieve Shaker w/ Digital Timer (115V, 60Hz)

Model: SS-14D
Price: $1,265.00

Gilson Digital 8in/12in Orbital Sieve Shaker accepts 8in or 12in ASTM Sieves and 200mm or 300mm ISO sieves for maximum versatility and accurate separations for No.4 to No.200 (4.75mm to 75µm) particle sizes. It is widely used in particle size testing of mineral aggregates and sieve gradations of other free-flowing granular materials.

Sieve capacity ranges from six 12in full-height to twenty-one 8in half-height sieves. The new Gilson EZ-clamp system quickly secures sieves and locks them into place for testing. The clamping system is easy to operate with an integral sieve cover that slides freely up and down the clamp rods with the push of a button. Once in position, a quick twist secures the stack.  When testing is complete, the clamps stay in the set position, ready for the next test.

The SS-14D shaker is equipped with Gilson’s digital countdown timer, featuring a large LED display for precision control to 99 minutes at ±1 second. The pause function allows the cycle to be suspended and resumed with no loss of test time, and a five-second audible alarm sounds at the completion of the interval. The controller is simple to program and the large, bright 0.5in (126mm) LED display is easy to read.

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  • Powerful 1/4hp motors deliver consistent separations of free-flowing materials
  • Optimal sieve versatility, with sieve capacities from six 12in (300mm) and twenty-one 8in half-height sieves
  • EZ-Clamp System locks sieve stack to set position with the push of a button
  • Compliant with multiple ASTM and AASHTO standards; Contact us for specific standards requirements

Included Items:

  • Gilson Digital 8in/12in Orbital Sieve Shaker
Electrical 115V, 60Hz
Estimated Shipping Weight 100.0lb (45.36kg)

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Electrical 115V, 60Hz
Estimated Shipping Weight 100.0lb (45.36kg)
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